Increase Advertising Sales and Reduce Operating Costs with SalesPoint!

Preprint and Insert revenue growth is key to the success of the modern newspaper. Done correctly, this revenue stream can grow to be a significant part of your long term growth plan. There are three key components to a successful Newspaper Preprint and Insert Sales program.

1. Mapping Software to create professional presentations and proposals that increase sales.

While there are many programs available the most important element is whether your sales staff can use it in the office and in the field. With SalesPoint Map, your sales team can do both. Generate professional presentations for your newspaper products including Preprints, Print and Deliver, TMC, Post-It Notes and more. With our customized market maps and intuitive process, your sales team will go from presentation to insertion order in a few easy steps.

2. Reduce Operating Costs by automatically transferring data to the Ad Order Entry process.

How many people touch the data to complete order fulfillment?  How many people are keying the same data into multiple systems? How many mistakes are being made? Automation is the best way to streamline this process and get the costs associated with order fulfillment under control.

Ad Order Entry is simplified with SalesPoint Insertion Order. When you think about it, most of the elements needed to process an insertion order can be found in a presentation. Why not use them to create an insertion order? The, why not have that order feed the data into your business and accounting system? Once established in the system, templates of common orders can be set up to reduce time and effort even more. This unique process reduces the need for re-keying data and dramatically reduces your operating expense.

3. Management Reports to track results and manage the data.

You have limited resources. SalesPoint Management Reports help you apply those resources to the areas where they will be the most effective. SalesPoint Management Reports help you track results by territory, product line and pricing strategy. You’ll maximize sales efforts with relevant data and adjust to market needs quickly.

For the past 10 years, Rockledge Software, Inc. has developed cutting-edge software for newspapers  to increase revenue and reduce production costs. With SalesPoint, your sales team will spend more time selling and less time preparing presentations and insertion orders. SalesPoint is a selling tool that your reps will want to use on a regular basis.


Rockledge Software has developed state of the art Mapping Software and sales tools for your advertising sales team since 2003. Our team specializes in helping your newspaper increase sales revenue and decrease operating expenses.


SalesPoint Map and SalesPoint Insertion Order help your advertising sales team create custom proposals and insertion orders for your newspaper preprint and TMC business.


We are here for you. Call our Customer Support line or Email your questions. (720) 833-4231.


I’m extremely happy with your product and customer support. Glad I was on the committee that reviewed and recommended the product.

Tom Zakrzewski

Major Accounts, Grocery and Furniture, The Denver Post

SalesPoint has been an extremely effective tool in enabling our sales reps to manage their accounts, create customized proposals and provide targeted advertising recommendations to our clients.  Rockledge Software has been extremely hands on in helping train our staff on how to use the software, helped us tailor the program to fit our specific needs, and is always readily available to address all our questions and concerns.

Shehrazade Mazari

Advertising Business Analyst, Washington Post Media

SalesPoint has become an invaluable tool for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.  SalesPoint makes the preprint process from proposal to order generation smooth and efficient.  Rockledge provides great customer service and it is a pleasure to interact with the staff.

Brent Siegmund

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel